We just launched a sister company :)

We just launched our sister company ‘The HandiWorks Company’ which is a progression of our existing handyman division. Small jobs are the cornerstone of the industry and unlike many larger construction firms, we decided to not only keep our handyman division, we took it to the next level and improved on our model. There are two ways of serving client in the handyman business,

The old way of doing things:

You call a handyman, leave a message. He calls you back in 2 days. You have to make a consultation appointment. He comes a week later. A few days after that he calls you back with a price. You all agree and the work is performed.

The HandiWorks way of doing things:

1. You browse our handiworks services. All of our services are backed by our service guarantee and $1 million in property damage protection.

2. Select a service and date that works for you.

3. You get an instant price for that service on that date.

4. You book and pay and we’re on our way. It’s that simple.


Enjoy 🙂